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Welcome to! This is a place where I’ll discuss my thoughts on passive income streams, namely through search engine optimization. This won’t be a site just for search engine optimization tips (SEO), but will also cover other topics pertaining to online business, content management, website traffic and employment. I’ll share case studies with you as I develop my online income streams. While I’m a veteran writer and content manager, I’m a novice when it comes to business and search engine optimization. We’ll learn together as I share my successes and pitfalls with you all.

A little about me: my background is in information technology. I was a Network administrator, and computer technician for many years before the recession hit and the industry spit me out. After several layoffs and a lengthy unemployment stint I got into writing, specifically online sports writing. I was never able to get back into IT again. Of course I enjoyed blogging far more than I did IT, but unfortunately my wallet did not. I knew that writing would never make me as much money as IT did. However because of my job history I knew that my days in IT were likely behind me.

I live in southern California and have the good fortune of having a supportive loving girlfriend and family. I’m a lucky man. Southern California is one of the most expensive places to live so my plan to be able to support myself with a lucrative revenue stream is vital. Right now seems like the perfect time to get some passive income streams going.

Again keep in mind that I’m no SEO expert yet. I’m just beginning my journey to building a successful profitable online business. The writing, content management and website building I’m good with. The SEO, monetization and business management parts I’m still learning. If any of you are more experienced or more knowledgeable (I’m sure most of you are) please share your expertise in the comments section. All opinions are welcome.

My end goal is to build several websites that make me enough money so I never have to work another job again. Jobs are the worst, but I’ll get into that later. In the meantime I hope to have some great discussions with you all mostly about SEO and passive income. I always enjoy a good debate. I also hope to provide and share useful information. Even if you think I suck, let me know. I’ll still acknowledge you and hopefully learn something from the experience. My name is Scott; it’s nice to meet you. Until then let’s get ready to talk passive income.


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